Boris Johnson’s ‘win-win’ expressway to Brexit
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Boris Johnson’s ‘win-win’ expressway to Brexit

Boris Johnson‘s decision to prorogue Parliament has opened up two paths for the UK to make a clean break from the European Union. This holds the potential to undermine globalism and the welfare state while diffusing prosperity to the developing world, according to a new essay by Rev. Richard Turnbull in the Acton Institute’s Religion & Liberty Transatlantic website.

Rev. Turnbull – the director of the Centre for Enterprise, Markets, and Ethics in Oxford – clearly explains the real impact of these confusing parliamentary moves. Through his shrewd and detailed analysis he notes that, even if Remainers try to bring down the government through a confidence vote, it will result in the UK leaving the EU by the October 31 deadline.

Leaving the EU will allow the UK to set its own trade policies, to renew commerce with the rest of the non-European world, to lower prices and open markets, and lead to new sources of prosperity. It also undermines the model of economic interventionist, supranational governance emanating from Brussels. For that, at least, we should be grateful.

Rev. Turnbull brings expertise and clarity to an issue that confuses too many U.S. readers. You can read his full essay here.

(Photo credit: UK Embassy in Tokyo. This photo has been cropped. CC BY 2.0.)

Rev. Ben Johnson

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