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The integration of reason and faith is what defines the West, says Samuel Gregg on Ave Maria Radio

The West is defined by more than just ideas such as freedom, dignity and equality, Samuel Gregg recently remarked in an interview about his new book, “Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization.” “I think at the core of the very identity of the West…is the notion that human beings are wired for truth, that we can engage in reasoned inquiries in search of truth,” he said. “This rational inquiry into truth and emphasis on freedom as self-mastery, ultimately is highly dependent on a particular relationship between faith and reason.”

In a conversation with host Deal W. Hudson for Ave Maria Radio’s Church and Culture program, Gregg unpacked important points laid out in his book, including the influence of the enlightenment on the American founding and how trends of thought in the modern world arise when the integration of reason and faith disintegrates.

Listen to Gregg’s full interview.

Caroline Roberts

Caroline Roberts is a managing editor at the Acton Institute and produces Acton's weekly podcast, Acton Line.