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First Things Interviews Samuel Gregg about his new book

In a newly released interview, senior editor at First Things, Mark Baulerein, sits down with Samuel Gregg to discuss his new book, Faith, Reason, and the Struggle for Western Civilization.

Gregg discusses the relationship between reason and faith among other topics that he addresses in his book. Gregg states:

One of the things I try to argue in this book is that if you want to understand a civilization that has taken things like liberty, rule of law, creativity, justice, etc. very seriously…you need to understand the particular integration of reason and faith that has happened in the west and the breakdown of that integration over a period of time.

Listen to the full interview here.

Gabrielle Temaat

Gabrielle is a senior in Barrett, the honors college, at Arizona State University where she studies economics and political science. She also works as a writing tutor and freelance writer.