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The Imaginative Conservative reviews Samuel Gregg’s new book

Dwight Longenecker of The Imaginative Conservative published a detailed review of Samuel Gregg’s new book, Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization. He presents a summary of the book, praises Dr. Gregg for his work, and offers his own commentary on the matters presented in the book.

Longenecker writes,

After an opening chapter which uses Pope Benedict XVI’s Regensburg address to introduce the threats to Western civilization, Dr. Gregg goes on to explain the unique cultural chemistry that brought about the triumph of Christianity. I found this analysis most intriguing and helpful.

Samuel Gregg is to be congratulated for writing a concise, accessible, and clear explanation of our present situation. His book is uncluttered with intellectual jargon, academic posturing, and obscure argumentation. It’s the kind of book that should be required reading for any liberal arts college student because it gives the historical background that explains where we are today and why. This sort of book provides the context and matrix for current trends in philosophy, politics, economics, the arts, media, religion, and popular culture.

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Gabrielle Temaat

Gabrielle is a senior in Barrett, the honors college, at Arizona State University where she studies economics and political science. She also works as a writing tutor and freelance writer.