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Daily Caller reviews Samuel Gregg’s new book

Samuel Gregg, director of research at the Acton Institute, released a new book titled, Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization. In his book, Gregg discusses the dangers that an unbalanced relationship between faith and reason imposes on a society.

The Daily Caller, a widely read news and opinion outlet, reviewed Gregg’s new book in an article titled, “New Book Emphasizes the Importance of Faith and Reason for Western Civilization.” The article provides a brief synopsis of the book as well as remarks from an interview that the Daily Caller conducted with Gregg.

Daily Caller columnist Mary Olohan writes:

The historian reveals that the synthesis of faith and reason are under attack in the East by radical Islam and in the West by secularism – and that extremes of either reason or faith can lead to fundamentalism and fanaticism.

Reason and faith, Gregg told the Daily Caller News Foundation, have the ability to correct each other when one goes too far…

“An imposed faith is no faith at all,” Gregg said. “Instead religious believers need to make reasoned arguments about why some policies are good and why other policies are irremediably evil.”

Gregg explained that “when you throw faith out the door, you leave reason unhinged.” An example of this is, the author revealed, is modern day Democratic liberalism.

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