Winners of 2019 Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics
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Winners of 2019 Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics

The Acton Institute Mini-Grants on Free Market Economics program accepts proposals from faculty members at colleges, seminaries, and universities in the United States and Canada in order to promote the scholarship and teaching of market economics. This program allows for collaboration between faculty from different universities, as well as help future leaders to emerge, strengthen, and expand the existing network of scholars within economics. Entrants may submit proposals in two broad categories: course development and faculty scholarship.

Here is the complete list of the 2019 winners and their specific projects:

Taparelli Social Justice and Subsidiarity Book
Thomas Behr, Assistant Professor of History, University of St. Thomas

Markets and Morals: The Political Theory of Capitalism
Keegan Callanan, Assistant Professor, Middlebury College

PPE Program Research
Ross Emmett, Professor, Arizona State University Foundation for A New American University

Russell Kirk and Free Markets
Jason Jewell, Professor, Faulkner University

Curriculum Review
Keith Loftin, Assoc. Professor Philosophy & Humanities, Scarborough College

Poverty Inc. Principles Survey
Russ McCullough, Founder/Wayne Angell Chair of Economics, Gwartney Institute, Ottawa University

Reason, Rights, and the Natural Law
Allen Mendenhall, Executive Director, Blackstone & Burke Center for Law & Liberty

Economic Liberty and Politics Minor To Prepare Next-Gen Christian Leaders to Advance Economic Liberty
Tracy Munsil, Chair, Dept. Government, History and Philosophy; Associate Professor, Political Science, Arizona Christian University

POLT 401: Civil Society, Entrepreneurship, and the Administrative State
James Patterson, Associate Professor of Politics, Ave Maria University

Translating the Handbook for Catholic Social Thought into Spanish
Martin Schlag, Director Ryan Institute, University of St. Thomas

Creating and Integrating a Philosophy, Politics, and Economics Major with the Catholic Intellectual Tradition at Belmont Abbey College
Michael Szpindor Watson, Assistant Professor, Belmont Abbey College

VWU Markets and Morality Course Development
Michelle Vachris, Professor of Management, Business, and Economics, Virginia Wesleyan University