New Issue of the Journal of Markets & Morality (Vol. 21, No. 2)
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New Issue of the Journal of Markets & Morality (Vol. 21, No. 2)

The newest issue of the Journal of Markets & Morality has been published online and print copies are forthcoming.

This issue features a diverse selection of scholarship on the morality of the marketplace and the nature and history of free societies.

As a special feature, this issue also contains a symposium on “Golf, Business, and Leadership,” organized by Journal of Markets & Morality associate editor Jude Chua Soo Meng, Associate Professor and Head of Policy and Leadership Studies at the National Institute of Education in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and Javier Calero Cuervo, Assistant Professor in Management in the Department of Management and Marketing, Faculty of Business Administration, University of Macau, Macau, S.A.R., China. In their introduction, Chua and Cuervo summarize the origins of the symposium feature and the conference behind it:

In June 2017, we hosted a short seminar at the National Institute of Education (NIE), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Javier, then a short-term visiting scholar at NIE, shared with seminar participants some of his initial findings on sports in youth prefiguring the subjects’ performance as managers. That discussion gave us the opportunity to revisit how golf, which many business people are rather familiar with, might be beneficial for the professional life. A couple of participants have played golf, so there was an interest in putting some ideas on paper. Thus the plan was to have a special symposium with the Journal of Markets & Morality, further theorizing the relationship between golf and professional life.

In addition to the articles and symposium, this issue offers our usual slate of book reviews and notes, the latter of which are available open-access here. Lastly, my editorial, a primer for academic authors on the journal publishing process, is available open-access here.

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Dylan Pahman

Dylan Pahman is a research fellow at the Acton Institute, where he serves as executive editor of the Journal of Markets & Morality. He earned his MTS in historical theology from Calvin Theological Seminary. In addition to his work as an editor, Dylan has authored several peer-reviewed articles, conference papers, essays, and one book: Foundations of a Free & Virtuous Society (Acton Institute, 2017). He has also lectured on a wide variety of topics, including Orthodox Christian social thought, the history of Christian monastic enterprise, the Reformed statesman and theologian Abraham Kuyper, and academic publishing, among others.