Introducing The Good Society
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Introducing The Good Society

Frequent visitors to this blog know that the Acton Institute is rooted in a mission to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty and sustained by religious principles. Over the years, our visitors and supporters have begged for an easy way to share this mission and Acton’s core teachings. Last week, our email subscribers got the first look at our newest short film series meeting that need: the inaugural six episodes of The Good Society.

The Good Society peels back the curtain on every day people and situations, revealing what leads to human flourishing and happiness.

The Good Society is also a free documentary series (although donations to create new episodes are always welcome!)

Each film focuses on the elements of a “good society.” From a dive into our human nature to the cooperation that goes into a free and competitive economy, you’ll find it in The Good Society.

We invite you to watch “Mrs. Schneider” (episode one of The Good Society) and to share it with your community –your friends, your family, your church, your business, or any other organization and/or network you are involved with.

Together, we can promote the abundant benefits of a free, virtuous, and indeed, Good Society.